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I have been working at Barrett Architect inc. since 2007 as an Architectural Previzualization Artist creating 2D and 3D renderings of proposed and existing buildings for planning and design. I am proficient in many CAD and 3D modelling programs, as well as vector and raster 2D image manipulation tools.

I went to George Brown College in Toronto for my Electromechanical Technicians Certificate. There I developed skills related to circuit design, PCB fabrication, programming and mechatronics. I have used this knowledge to create props for small films, toys and useful equipment.

A love of Star Trek has lead to a lot of personal projects involving creating real life examples of Star Trek technology. I am currently working to create a Tricorder replica with actual working sensors.

I have always wanted to develop video games. Starting in the 90's I used packages like World Builder to create simple games with my friends. Today I use packages like Godot and Unreal to create fun little diversions. So far I have created 2 android based games that are available in a limited capacity through the Google Play Store.