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A simple 2D sprite based "steal-em-up" game with some stealth elements. Style and tone lifted directly from other popular 8-16bit games of the late 80's/earl 90's. Art by diz, logic by directive0.

The game is intended be released on PC/Mac/Linux, but was designed specifically for the OpenPandora. Eventually after several iterations the game was made into a Godot project and was exported for download on the Google Play Store.


Nablins is a game where you control a little elf guy. Your goal is to steal as much loot as you can from a sleeping adventurer without waking him up.

As you play random events can occur either against you or in your favour.

You can use bushes to hide behind and items to effect your environment and game play.

The game lasts three nights.

Each night getting progressively more difficult with a higher likelihood of negative random events occurring.

At the end of the last night your loot is appraised and you are presented with a short blurb about how your theft has effected the story of the adventurer.


The stealth mechanic of the game centres around the players movements and the use of bushes. As the player moves the stealth bar fills. When the player stops moving the stealth bar begins to decrease, its rate depends on how close the player is to the barbarian +/- a random effect. If the barbarian is awoken the player must do their best evade or the barbarian will swipe them with an axe causing damage. The player can hide behind a bush, if they are able to hide successful with the enemy far enough away the barbarian will go back to sleep the


The ultimate goal of the game is chasing the high score. Every item you pocket goes toward your final score, but using an item will deprive you of its value. Players must weigh the option of using an item over keeping it for a high score. If the enemy catches you you lose that night's loot.


Arrow Keys to move. Space bar to loot. Left Shift to use item. Q to quit


Nablin Loot was originally written in Python and used Pygame as its graphics library. I have since moved the codebase to godot to allow for faster development and easier compiling for multiple platforms.


Most recent Godot Binary: April 4th 2018 - Beta 3

Old Pygame Codebase

The game was originally written in PyGame but has since moved to Godot. Github Link