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My Commodore 64

My Commodore 64 is far from a mint example of the species. It is a frankenc64. I built it out of a breadbin c64 that had a fried mobo, and a C64C that had a missing key and light damage to the case.

I transplanted the mainboard out of the C64C and put it in the breadbin. I prefer the breadbin anyways.

Since the transplant the keys have broken off in transport and I've been working to repair it by producing a simple 3D printed replacement for the broken key peg.


Despite never having one as a kid I find the Commodore 64 to be a really wonderful machine to own. Much like the ZX Spectrum the C64 boot directly into BASIC which makes playing with it much more fun. You don't need to boot into an OS like the Apple //c or the Zenith Z89.

BASIC Programs

When I first starting playing around with the c64 I hadn't really ever programmed much of anything except PBASIC stamps for my college final project the Sonic A1 Workcell.