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Apogee Logo

Apogee is a working title for a game I'm writing using the Godot game engine.

The game seeks to incorporate elements of games like Escape Velocity, starflite, elite, GTA 1-2, Ares, shadowrun and other early console and shareware 2D games. It will hopefully utilize top down space flight and combat with light RPG elements.

Key game play mechanics are: navigating the solar system, interacting with interplanetary objects, docking with stations, collecting resources and when all else fails engaging in combat.

As of November 2018 this project has stalled.

Most Recent Binary Download
Apogee Beta 012
Be advised:
Flight Director and a lot of other functions are broken in this build.
Spin lock breaks the nav indicators.
Starside Gamefield as of b008

How To Play

Basic Flight

In Apogee most ships are fairly rudimentary to begin with. The average ship is equipped with a single laser cannon and a Mark 1 InfiPulse engine. The InfiniPulse engine did away with the need for Hohmann transfers and allowed pilots to propel ships to speeds that make interplanetary transportation feasible through the use of Brachistochrone trajectories. However as the engine constantly adds acceleration to the ship G forces quickly compound and the pilot can succumb to g-lock and suffer serious injury or death. As a result it is advisable that pilots attempt to use the engine in short bursts.

To conserve fuel pilots should try to find routes to targets that make good use of the gravity wells.


Apogee Indicators

All ships in Apogee are equipped with a NavTrek N1000m target and flight data computer. The N1000m uses a holographic indicator ring around the ship to display three key pieces of information crucial for successful navigation of the solar system.

  • The pointed ring shows direction of inertia.
This is useful for adjusting the ships trajectory to move towards a target.
  • The winged outer pointer shows the direction of the current target
This allows the player to keep track of the relative position of target objects.
  • The inner partial arc shows the direction of the applied forces of gravity.
Conserving fuel will require using gravity wells to modify your trajectory and navigate to your target. This indicator lets you keep track of the direction of the strongest gravimetric forces.

Main Controls

Arrow Keys (Left Analog Stick)

  • Left - Spin counter-clockwise
  • Right - Spin clockwise
  • Up - Throttle main engine
  • Down - Autobrake (Spins the ship in opposite direction of movement to make braking easier)

WASD (Right Analog Stick)

  • W - RCS Fore
  • A - RCS Port
  • S - RCS Aft
  • D - RCS Starboard

Ancillary Controls

Ancillary Controls are used to govern the less crucial systems of the ship.

  • Control - Dock with/capture object or land at planet/station.
  • Q/E (D-Pad Left and Right) - Cycle through targets
  • F (X Button) - Flight Director (aims ship at target)
  • K (D-Pad Down)- Dismiss Master Alarm
  • V (Y Button)- Cycle camera settings (freezoom, lock to target, zoom out)
  • Plus/Minus (Left and Right Shoulder)- Zoom camera in and out
  • B (D-Pad Up)- Lock camera to ship rotation
  • Space (A Button) - Fire main weapon.


Here are some videos of basic gameplay.