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CQB Logo

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is the working title of a small mobile game I am developing using the Godot 3.1 engine.

The game is an homage to Space War

My inspiration: Space War for the Palm OS

a game released on the Palm OS developed by 2golddragons.

CQB features some improvements to the concept put forward in Space War, and lacks some as well. In time I hope to make CQB feature complete to Space War and add some of my own flourishes.

The most obvious differences apart from full colour and 16bit sounds is CQB is played on a square grid, not a hexgrid. The game interface also attempts to make use of the larger space and be a little less cramped.




How To Play

Single Player

The player battles 1-3 enemy ships. Each turn the player decides where to move their ship and where to target one of three possible "weapons". The enemy ships also determine a set of moves and both the player and opponent turns are played out at the same time. In 2 player the gameplay is identical except that there are two players and no scanning (for the moment anyways).

Two Player Local

In two player local the phone is placed between the opponents. By tapping a ship each player can select their move and target for the next turn.

Two Player Network

This game mode is not yet implemented but is under development.


Particle Beam

The particle beam is an instantaneous beam of high energy particles that slowly eats away at the enemies shields or hulls. The player can target the location of the enemy ship, or if they are crafty an intermediate point between them so as the player ship moves the beam slews to track the enemy ship.


The torpedo is a projectile that does serious damage but is difficult to aim effectively. Torpedoes are destroyed by other weapons so a clean shot is crucial.


At the cost of being able to fire on your opponent the scan wave provides the chance of either determining the enemies next move or determining a crucial weakness in their shields and achieving double damage on any successful shots next turn.


  • The main splash screen
  • Scanning the enemy
  • Two Player Table top